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Who the hell is he anyway?He never really talks much
Never concerned with status but still leaving them star struck.

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Friendly reminding to myself that Dean is perfect and I’m legitimately in love with him.

Norman Reedus & Emily Kinney



I know like…when we’re out on the porch there’s a turtle shell that’s right by our heads when we’re talking after this and I took that and wrote a little-I stole it and I wrote a little note to Emily and gave it to her as a wrap present. I wrote on the turtle shell-I wrote like Emily plus-or Beth plus Daryl or something you know 2000 & whatever & episode…and ya know, I gave her a little turtle love note.

Yeah, you see that little turtle shell on the shelf right above my head? Yeah, I stole that and wrote a little note and gave it to her. -Norman

I remember before burning it down we said is there anything we want out of this house? Because we were just burning everything even all the little knick knacks and the stuff on the walls and…um, actually there was one thing that Norman saved for me cause he knew that I liked it. There was this like kinda strange turtle shell and I had been like ‘oh that’s so cute’ and so at some point he took it-when I didn’t know-and then for wrap gifts at the end of this season he gave it to me and I said ‘oh my god, you saved it! You saved it from the fire!’, you know? *giggles*. So I still have it, I have it in my little apartment in Georgia. -Emily

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"Emily, just looking in to her eyes in that last shot, it was really nice, Norman was really proud." Greg Nicotero (x)

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